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Previous Guards Magazines

Captain J R Astor
Late The Life Guards
Brigadier M S Bayley MBE
Late Grenadier Guards
Major (QM) B T (Jim) Eastwood LVO MBE
Late Grenadier Guards
Major T C Richardson
Late Grenadier Guards
Sir Brian McGrath GCVO
Late Irish Guards
Brigadier M C Thursby-Pelham OBE
Late Welsh Guards
Sir John Michael Burdick Greenaway Bt DL
Late The LIfe Guards
Captain G B Palau
Late Grenadier Guards
Mr Reg Curtis
Late Grenadier Guards and the Parachute Regiment
Sir John Alliott
Late Coldstream Guards
Captain Lord Suffield
Late Coldstream Guards
The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne
Late Scots Guards
William David Mungo James Murray,
7th & 8th Earl of Mansfield and Mansfield JP DL
Late Scots Guards
Warrant Officer Class 1 W F Fullerton MBE
Late Scots Guards
Colonel G P M Ramsay
Late Scots Guards
Sir John Leslie Bt
Late Irish Guards
Eric Lubbock, 4th Baron Avebury
Late Welsh Guards
Major (Retd) S D Young TD
Late The London Regiment
Bruce George ARIBA    
WINTER 2015/16
The 8th Marquess of Waterford
Late Royal Horse Guards
Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm Torrent
Late Director of Music, The Life Guards
Major William (Bill) Stringer
Late The Blues and Royals
Regimental Sergeant Major H Chaffer MM
Late Grenadier Guards
Captain A M Denny
Late Grenadier Guards
Brigadier Peter (‘Scrubber’) Stewart-Richardson OBE Croix De Guerre Late Coldstream Guards
Major Peter Doyle
Late Irish Guards
Colonel William Harvey-Kelly MBE
Late Irish Guards
Major Lord Brassey of Apethorpe OBE JP DL
Late Grenadier Guards
Captain Sir John Lambert KCVO CMG
Late Grenadier Guards
Major J D Makgill Crichton Maitland
Late Grenadier Guards
Lord Montague of Beaulieu
Late Grenadier Guards
Captain Andrew Bacchus
Late Scots Guards
Paul Cantlie
Late Scots Guards
Charles Farrell MC
Late Scots Guards
Major (QM) Campbell Graham OBE
Late Scots Guards
Captain John Macdonald-Buchanan MC DL
Late Scots Guards
Major A N B Ritchie DL
Late Scots Guards
Peter Bevan
Late Welsh Guards
Major H W Freeman-Attwood Late Grenadier Guards Lieutenant Colonel P H Haslett MBE Late Grenadier Guards
Captain J R H Wills Late Grenadier Guards Brigadier M R Frisby OBE Late Coldstream Guards
Lieutenant Colonel M B Scott Late Scots Guards Major Fred Adams Late Scots Guards
Major Antony Brady Late Irish Guards Sergeant Joseph Dunne DCM Late Irish Guards
Sir John Gorman MC Late Irish Guards Canon Gerry Murphy LVO Late Irish Guards
Captain J B Osborne Late Irish Guards Brigadier J P O’H Pollock MBE DL Late Irish Guards
WINTER 2014/15
The Duke of Marlborough JP DL Late The Life Guards Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel J M Stewart Late The Life Guards
Toby Balding Late The Life Guards Captain Alistair Ingham Clark Late The Life Guards
Brigadier Valerian Wellesley KG LVO OBE MC DL
The Duke of Wellington

Late Royal Horse Guards
Sir William Dugdale Bt CBE MC DL Late Grenadier Guards
Captain R P Letcher Late Grenadier Guards The Venerable Anthony Turney Late Grenadier Guards
Sir Henry Beresford-Peirse Bt Late Scots Guards Anthony Wheatley Late Irish Guards
Captain The Right Honourable Robert Boscawen MC
Late Coldstream Guards
Major H St J Holcroft Late The Blues and Royals Captain J E M Ault Late Grenadier Guards
Major Mark Etherington Late Coldstream Guards Major S G Weber-Brown Late Coldstream Guards
Captain The Lord Monteagle of Brandon Late Irish Guards    

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