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The year 1962 saw the creation of a watch-making collaboration that has developed into the proud and respected company known today as Col&MacArthur.

Founders Sébastian Colen and Iain Wood (formerly of the Pipes and Drums, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards) created the company in the French-speaking south of Belgium, not far from Waterloo, where in 1815 the Brigade performed so heroically.

It is the perfect blend of talent, and Iain, having manufactured bespoke deluxe watches for global celebrities, has turned his creativity back to reflect his Regimental roots. The consequential accumulation of experience and skills of Colen and Wood are unquestionably vital in order to gain and maintain customer trust and satisfaction. This collaboration is one of Col&MacArthur’s major achievements.

A quality wrist watch, painstakingly created by dedicated craftsmen, becomes rightly an emotional item - and a conjurer of memories. In almost all instances, the quality timepiece connects one’s career and “family”.

Regiments, as we intimately recognise, are family affairs. Those who proudly serve become tied for life. With this in mind, Col&MacArthur have designed an impressive range of Regimental watches, the first to be unveiled was the Scots Guards watch and this was closely followed by the remainder of the Brigade.

This collection is made expressly for men who know that the best things in life are emotional. What could be more poignant than your cherished Regiment and honoured insignia?

This stainless steel watch carries not only your Regimental insignia on the dial, but also the Household Division’s emblem embossed on the back and engraved on the crown and the bracelet buckle.

The Regimental watches are officially licensed to Col&MacArthur by the Ministry of Defence and have been designed following careful and considered consultation with Regimental Headquarters.

If added personalisation becomes a priority, a stainless steel Brigade-stamped bracelet is also available. Combined with a three-line engraving, this added touch can supplement the uniqueness of this Swiss Chronograph watch.

For People who understand Passion, Respect and Tradition.

Available exclusively online at www.colandmacarthur.com

For any questions, please contact us at: info@colandmacarthur.com


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