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Welsh Guards Officer In First Military Trio To Row Any Ocean

Whilst it could be argued that members of the Household Division tend to feel more comfortable on land, there have actually been many over the years who have dipped their toes into the salty swell of ocean rowing. Recently, the Scots Guards and their team of ‘ATLANTIC GUARDSMEN’ have helped to pioneer ocean rowing in the Household Division. Inspired by their tales of aquatic legend, there is now another team, TEAM V3NTURE, comprising three serving officers from different regiments, to include Lieutenant Robert Cross, Welsh Guards.

The team aims, in December 2024, to become the first military trio to row any ocean and, on paper, the task appears straightforward enough: to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua.  The route is a familiar one for those who are acquainted with the Talisker Whisky Challenge. Yet despite the popularity of this and other events, a greater number of people have been into space than have rowed an ocean. Our aims in taking on this challenge are threefold:

To be the first military trio to row any ocean. Trios are the least popular class in ocean rowing with only nineteen to date. And whilst military singles, doubles and quads have crossed, gaining international acclaim and plaudits in the process, no trio has yet done so. A useful discovery for our USP!
To be the fastest trio to row the Atlantic Ocean. ‘No plan survives first contact’, and whilst weather and good fortune plays a strong hand, we are striving to put ourselves in a position whereby, if the conditions are favourable, we can take full advantage. We will have our boat, the latest model from boat-makers Rannoch, for two years prior to the race itself, allowing us time and opportunity to train. In the meantime, we are also keen to learn all that we can from other ocean rowers.

To raise as much money for our chosen charities. In June 2021, teammate and friend Rob Treasure, 1RIFLES, lost his father, Stephen, to cancer. It became an easy decision for us to align ourselves to Macmillan Cancer Support as the primary recipient, with 70% of all funds raised going to Macmillan, with the remaining 30% being split evenly between our three regimental charities: the Welsh Guards Charity, the Royal Artillery Association, and Care for Casualties. Our fundraising target is £200,000, of which we have raised over £22,000 to date.

While on the water the onus is on the three men in the boat; however, in reality, any success that we have will be shared with the many who have supported us. The challenge is reliant upon the generosity of our supporters, and we are privileged to be working alongside our fantastic partners who see the benefit that this expedition can bring them. Their logos will look incredibly smart emblazoned on our boat.

For more information about TEAM V3NTURE, please visit www.teamv3nture.com or email teamv3nture@gmail.com

Robert Cross

TEAM V3NTURE in London Waterloo station as they commence a 24hr non-stop row for Macmillan Cancer Support. The team rowed 330km.  Left-to-right: Lieutenant Charlie Newman, 7RHA, Lieutenant Robert Treasure, 1 RIFLES, and Lieutenant Robert Cross, WG

Robert Cross in conversation with
the Colonel of the Welsh Guards



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