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Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) - The Long Farewell

The CVR(T) range of vehicles was designed back in the 1960s and introduced into British Army service in early 1970, with the initial delivery of Scorpions and Scimitars arriving in 1972. The first British regiment to be equipped with the Scorpion was The Blues and Royals in 1973. By 1986, the Army had taken delivery of 1,863 CVR(T) vehicles, in its seven variants: Scorpion, Striker, Spartan, Samaritan, Sultan, Samson, and Scimitar. Since then, there have been numerous improvements to CVR(T), however it is only now, some 50 years after the vehicle was introduced into service, that it is finally being retired.

Along the way, CVR(T) has seen service in many operational theatres and wars, most notably with The Household Cavalry as part of the ACE Mobile Force in the 1970s, in the Falklands War in 1982, the Balkans in the 1990s, and Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 2000s. Not to mention support to the Police at London Heathrow Airport! Arguably, there are few armoured vehicles that have been in service for so long a period and in so many different places.

The CVR(T) deserves a proper send-off from those who knew it well. Please send your recollections, stories, articles, and photographs to The Editor.

A CVR(T) Scimitar of The Blues and Royals entering
Port Stanley immediately after the Argentinian surrender. June 1982. The Scimitar is being commanded by Captain R A K Field



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