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by Julian Calder, Mark Pigott and Alastair Bruce
Foreword by HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Published on 6th June 2015

Where do you feel a nation’s heartbeat? In the United States of America it might be at the Lincoln Memorial; in France, perhaps the Tomb of Napoleon; in Russia, Red Square. In most cases, the nation’s heartbeat can be felt in an iconic location where people remember and even remake their history.

In a nation as old as the United Kingdom, it can be argued that this heartbeat is not found in a place, but in an event: The Queen’s Birthday Parade. But what does this annual celebration by the five Regiments of Foot Guards, essentially a private ceremony in a public place showing, through historic military drill, their personal duty to their Sovereign and Colonel-in-Chief, stand for? Why is it so celebrated and why is it so uniquely British?

The Queen’s Birthday Parade
answers these questions with a compelling combination of photographs and text. Julian Calder has observed the parade and its rehearsals for over 20 years, photographing both the spectacular pageantry and the minute attention to detail that contributes to this most familiar of annual national events. His photographs are accompanied by text written by Alastair Bruce (formerly Scots Guards), Sky News’ Royal, Religious and Constitutional Affairs Commentator, with contributions from Maj Gen Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter (formerly Grenadier Guards), who wrote about The King’s Troop; Lieutenant General Sir Barney White-Spunner (formerly The Blues and Royals) who wrote about the Household Cavalry; and Maj Gen Sir Sebastian Roberts (formerly Irish Guards), who wrote about the Foot Guards. 

The Queen’s Birthday Parade
presents the pride, precision and performance that are synonymous with Trooping the Colour: the parade which, in the minds of millions of British people and visitors, is at the heart of the United Kingdom.

 A percentage of the sales of this book will go to the Household Division Charity

The Queen’s Birthday Parade
will be published on 6th June 2015, priced £40. The book is available from www.juliancalderpublishing.com

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