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Dr The Honourable Gilbert Greenall CBE
In conversation with The Editor
Gilbert Greenall and I are the same age, and yet Gilbert left The Life Guards before I had even joined, to follow a career that neither he nor his friends could have predicted. As a young officer, Gilbert had flown aeroplanes and driven fast cars, and was once pursued in his Porsche by the police across northern Germany. Read more...
Nine Months with the Somali National Army
When one hears of Somalia, one may be forgiven for thinking of a nation state defined by conflict, civil war, famine and human misery. Often labelled as the most dangerous country in the world, Somalia has experienced much hardship over the past thirty years and is still a country that may characterise the idea of a failed or failing state. There is, however, an air of optimism and despite its recent violent history, Somalia may just be displaying the seedlings of the potential for a brighter future. Read more ...
Occupied People
For most of us, the Second World War is a distant affair that took place over 70 years ago in the latter part of the first half of the last century.  Much of the present world population had not been born then.  For those of us serving in 1944 in Normandy, Belgium, and Holland, our contacts with the local population were spasmodic and accidental.  It’s sad to reflect that more French civilians were apparently killed in the bombardments over the period of the D-Day landings than the number of Allied servicemen who died there. Read more ...

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